マジスは1976に北イタリアに創業し、「デザインの領域を押し広げる」という一貫した価値観を守りながら、住宅・オフィス・公共空間のための製品をデザインする、世界的デザイン企業です。ヒラモトデザインスタジオは、MAGIS JAPANが提供するインテリアデザイン/コーディネート業務をサポートしています。

For more than 40 years Magis has been creating design products for people’s homes, offices and public spaces. Magis was founded in 1976 in Northern Italy, and since then they have developed to become a global design player staying true to their core value: pushing the boundaries of design. Hiramoto Design Studio is supporting Magis Japan as a partner interior designer, providing some space designs in collaboration with their products.

Hiramoto Design Studio